Scaling Your Sales with Systems and People

Scaling Your Sales with Systems and People

As you start your business you absolutely love what you do and you’re very passionate about it and one thing I’ve learnt about Sales is that it’s something I absolutely love doing and if given the option, could do it all day, every day! And the reason is if someone decides to trust and work with you or spends money with you or takes what you’re doing to the next step, it is a mark of your ability to help people make decisions for themselves that are really going to make a positive impact. Sales is all about love and I’m going to share my love and passion for sales.

Number 1 thing to hit your sales goal

After being part of the recession in 2008 I’ve really seen a lot. One thing I learnt quickly is that it is very important for a business to recession proof their marketing and sales.

A Powerful question

If you stop marketing (phone calls, Facebook/ Google advertising) will your business keep going?

This powerful question helps you see the strength of your sales and your sales system and processes internally. A lot of businesses in Australia if they were to stop their marketing today what would the fallback be? A lot of them would go under just like Ireland that had 30% of their business go under because they didn’t recession proof their business.

Case studies of Sales (Why’s and How’s?)

Slow down for a second, pay attention to where your dormant sales are and how to keep your sales flowing and growing and what would happen if you did stop marketing for instance the Lucy Rose Clinics they literally thought they had to spend more money on marketing but the reality was they actually had to get more sales closed in the door.

A lot of people ask the wrong question:

Do you really need more lead generation? Or do you just need to improve your sales processes and make sure you’re making the most of all of the sales opportunities that are in front of you. The good news is that you probably JUST NEED TO LOOK AT YOUR SALES PROCESSES.

Having Total & Complete Control of your Sales

So that you can have sales people, webinars, sales presentations and all kinds of other things happening. This will help you get more from your sales, get some sales leverage and the whole sales of the business doesn’t automatically point to you.  You can have other people do it, other people sell to you or you can have systems or presentations or even emails sell for you.

Put Sales on Tap

Let’s make your sales repeatable, predictable, everything based on your numbers, then we can work together to hit them.

Your new financial year goal – What is it? What is that you need?

  • What is your REVENUE goal?
  • The NUMBER OF SALES you need?
  • Do you know how much website TRAFFIC?

Most companies I walk into they don’t have any idea what they need because they do not know their sales conversion.


If you think of your sales conversion

  • What is your average SALE PRICE based on the last 3 months?
  • How many SALES do you need to hit your Goal in the next 120 days?

 You need to be able to quantify what is the total number of sales, website traffic, number of presentations and sales appointments, calls, proposals. How many do you need to hit your sales goals in the next 120 days?

What are your KPIs & Targets?

The biggest thing I find that is most organizations don’t know how many sales, how many sales appointments or how much traffic they need, how many people they need to watch their presentations, how many proposals do they need to do in order to hit their goal so it’s not scalable. By the time I get finished working with companies or by the first month of working together we are so clear on the total amount of phone calls, the total amount of website traffic, total amount of proposals, total amount of everything that needs to be done that we can turn the business up and down and other people can do it for us and want you all to have the same exact thing and it all comes down to knowing your numbers. You got to know your numbers!

Where are you getting most of your Sales?

Is it from your website? Your phone? Your BDMs?

At my recent lunch event one of the companies there said they put all their energy in big big companies that are buying from them but 95% of its sales inside that current company are coming from BDMs (Business Development Managers) people outside going and seeing people but they’re trying to close these big giant fish in a different way other than what’s working instead of maximizing on the one thing that is working.

Improve what’s working in your business by focussing your energy on that ONE thing.

Do your conversions need to be higher? Or do you need more activity?

Loral Langemeier, 2010

At that time of recession; she lost all sales staff, no marketing budget, similar businesses around her were going bankrupt. She had an option of letting her staff go or rebuild, get the RIGHT People and be Profitable. As a result of that there was a lot of Money being left on the table because she didn’t have enough people to follow up and it was a different kind of people that needed to be involved because she went from leads pouring in, people calling in that they wanted to buy then and there till the phones completely stopped ringing, the website traffic stopped.


The problem was Laura was leaving a lot of money on the table and you probably are too. When I went to work with her within the first year we ended up putting another 10 people on to actually just do sales but everything was about out bounding and within a year just me personally excluding all other people I had put an extra million dollars in cash in her business just on the telephone.

So the reality is, you probably have money sitting around right now as she did and this was during recession, you just have to pick up and shake it a little bit and maximize what you are doing because if you maximize what you are doing then you can really grow and sometimes it doesn’t even cost you any money. You just have to look at the right numbers.

Are you hitting your sales goals?

Do you have Sales leverage?

Do you have videos? Presentations? Can people immediately purchase products from you today without anybody being involved?


  1. “Client attraction” Message and conversation
  2. Your AUTHORITY to Systematically close for You
  3. Sales Metrics: How to quickly identify what needs improvement

A lot of companies could make a game changing move by improving their messaging.

Your emails, your website copy, and the way you get in front of people just the one first thing that they see can literally take a lot of people who are looking at what you’re doing and trying to figure out who you are and what you’re trying to do and automatically turn them into sales prospects. So imagine if, 10 – 25% of the people who go to your website right now, all became a client and that’s possible if you get your message right. It’s just them looking at your metrics.


  1. Message and copy: Quick Catch the first YES
  2. Presentation: First 5 Minutes
  3. Phone: Last 10 minutes are the most important
  4. Video: First 3 seconds


All the companies I worked with asked me to work on just one conversion- one thing!

When I came in they weren’t sure what the one thing they needed to do was but once we got in we focussed on one specific thing.

For instance;

$100MI Companies

The very first thing they wanted me to come in and help them with, is how do we increase our attendance by 1-5% because they knew if they got that increase in attendance people who saw that they knew it would have a monumental impact on actually getting people to buy from them because they are so clear on their other numbers.


They knew that they just needed more people to talk to them, to buy from them, they were getting 2500 phone calls a month when I started, now it’s a lot more than that because they can scale it but they weren’t converting enough of those phone calls.

Point of Failure No. 1 – MESSAGE

This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of the Sales Process


  • Are you getting new leads?
  • Are sales converting easily?
  • Can someone else sell this for you?
  • Can you deliver on video or report or presentation and get sales?

Point of Failure No. 2 – SALES CONVERSATION

  • Do you have annual consistent growth?
  • Are you profitable?
  • Do you have leverage?


Check your results from the last 3 months and ask yourself the question:

  • Number of NEW leads?
  • Total number of New Sales?
  • Number of Sales from Presentations?
  • How many Sales from NEW LEADS
  • Number of Sales from SALES APPOINTMENTS?

“Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals” – Ogilvy

For me personally I would rather get in front of the right people, would rather be talking to the right people and would rather pay attention to the people I would want to work with or looking for.

Let’s talk about


When I started working for them they were leaving a ton of money on the table, spending $30,000 on advertising and they thought they needed to spend more on marketing but they were limited by budget because they have a high service business so their cost of doing business is really high and they needed to look at a more creative way because spending more on advertising with the current sales coming in wasn’t really an option they were already getting 2500 funnel phone calls a month so if they were to get more calls it seemed like it was really busy and the sales people were telling them we just need more people to call in but they were leaving a lot of money on the table. They had really bad conversions but they didn’t know this because they didn’t do their numbers.

When we looked at their conversions they were really low so when they were actually talking to people on the telephone their conversions were quite low and as a result they were spending money on advertising, they had a lot of staff, they had a lot of things going on, they didn’t have super-duper high profit margins so their cash flow was really tight.

Now when I went in I immediately identified the fact they had really poor conversions and really bad follow-up. So instantly, the first thing we did was we tweaked just what was being said on the telephone and within the first week they had an 18% bump in sales. Just by using the right script. So everybody said the same thing, everybody had the same conversation and they bumped straightaway.

Re-segmenting Job Roles

Sales was the problem it wasn’t the marketing, it wasn’t lead generation and they didn’t need to do any more lead generation. In fact, they had the wrong people on the telephone, so we actually took less sales people and re-segmented job roles so that we kept the right sales people that were their strongest sales people who were thriving with the new sales process and we helped them to stay in front of people. We also helped them get supported by actually having a system behind them with the right messaging that then got people to call them, email them, text them and start to actually buying more from them.

Reduced the number of Sales people.

We didn’t change a thing about the marketing spend we just got more relentless in our follow-up and we got better at the conversation that we were having. And as a result we exceeded their KPI and their revenue doubled in 6 months.

Two years later, they have been able to increase their marketing spend by 40% and have tripled their revenue and their still growing.

They only had to look back at their prospect journey- which was very important.

Point of Failure No. 3 – AUTHORITY or BRAND

Your brand message/ your authority is what the market sees you doing every single day or every single week and holding a brand message that connects and makes people love you is really important.


They had some really awful emails going out, they didn’t connect with the people at all and we wrote 10 emails all up within the span of 7 months. Each email that goes out generates anywhere from 20 to one email generated about 130 request books (a five- minute call where somebody wants to give you their credit card number). That’s AMAZNG!

When I got there they were only getting 35 sales a week and now there are over a 100 sales a week and they’re on the journey to 200 sales a week. We actually stopped 50% of the marketing because we couldn’t handle more marketing because the sales process is fixed. Even if they stopped their advertising today, they’ll still be fine because they got their sales process right.

A lot of people don’t stay in touch or post content that people want to read and it is a game changer because everybody is on social media, everybody is connected to their phone, to their text message, their emails.


  • Do you have 3-6 month closing cycles?
  • Are you having to discount on price?
  • Are you reliant on referrals?
  • Have you had the same revenue for the last year two years?
  • Do you have really low closing ratios= closing less than 20%

If any of this is happening for you this could mean that the brand message, your constant communication is falling down.

There’s a company I’m working with right now, they basically have BDMs out on the road knocking at doors to get in front of their target market. Their average proposal is no less than $15,000 and some are 7 figure purchase orders. But, one of the things they’re not doing is that they are not continuously staying in front of their ideal clients so their closing ratio is starting to drop. One of the biggest things, we’re starting to do right now and its already started to make an impact and has started getting more people to call them back is just posting a couple times a week- content. And it’s made such a great impact.


  • Increase your prices
  • Spend less time selling
  • Get paid faster
  • Have more leverage
  • Get sales people to help you


Step 1: EDUCATE PEOPLE (Help them understand why they need to buy from you)

  • Blog- story telling- Event
  • Book or Presentation
  • Before an OPT IN
  • Before a conversation ever happens

Step 2: GIVE VALUE (Show what you can do for them how much value you can add to them, what’s in it for them and let them choose where they want to take it from there)

  • On a Sales Call
  • In a Sales Environment
  • Special offer

Step 3: PROVE YOURSELF (Show them why I’m the person they should work with, show all your case studies, and if they want to talk to your customers let them)

  • Share Testimonials publicly (reviews are big in the market right now)
  • Explain WHY YOU

Step 4: FOLLOW UP (If someone tells you to call them back, call them back even if it takes 21 calls!)

  • Set a CLOSING CALL Date
  • Follow UP until you get a YES

So again, pay attention to what the research is saying, pay attention to the numbers, pay attention to what’s going on for you. You might be getting lots of people expressing interest, people to a sales call, and people from BDMs but if your closing ratio is low you probably have a problem with your follow up. If your closing ratio is low and you have good follow up maybe there’s nothing between your sales conversations and asking for the sale. If you’re not getting people across the line from the start you can do a better message.


Turn your tap a little bit and focus it on the people’s best strengths or use your system to allow you to have the best people or you in front of the most important sales conversations.


  • How many sales appointments you need to have a week to hit your revenue goal
  • How much website traffic, number of proposals, how many do you need to scale it up

Check Your Sales Metrics

  • Message Conversion (Menu, Brochure, Website)
  • Sales Conversion
  • Authority and Brand Connection
  • Sales Process
  • Closing Ratio

How to Check Sales Metrics- Look at the last 3 Months

  • What was your REVENUE?
  • Number of TRAFFIC/VISITS have you had?
  • How many LEADS did you get?
  • Total PRESENTATIONS you have done?
  • Number of  SALES APPOINTMENTS have you done?

What are your numbers and then do back to your SALES METRICS:

  • Client Attraction Message
  • Sales Conversation Conversions
  • Sales Process Creating Quality Conversions
  • Presentation Sales
  • Follow Up & Closing

You’re 120 Day Goal

Come back to …

  • What is your REVENUE Goal?
  • The NUMBER OF SALES do you need?
  • Do you know how much TRAFFIC?
  • And how many SALES APPOINTMENTS?

Your marketing is probably not the problem it’s the numbers that you don’t know that are the problem.

Let’s Pay Attention

  • Need Leads? Is it your Message?
  • Have Leads, Low Sales Conversions?
  • Is it your Conversation?
  • Need a Creative Campaign to Relgnite Sales?
  • Is it your Sales Team?
  • Earn More in Same or Less Time?

Book in a Sales Review:

Deep Dive into Your…

  • Message
  • Sales Conversations
  • Sales Process
  • Presentation
  • Improve Your Conversions

Numbers are VERY important! This is exactly what I did when I started with The Lucy Rose Clinic, Two Men and a Truck, with every single person I’ve worked with…

This is the first step…  to figure out what we needed to do what the numbers needed to be and we put the process and system in place and even if that’s down to the scripts and what people say in order to hit it and the reality is everyone more than likely can hit it.

Sales is generally time management mixed with the right message and the right language and the right process…

and it’s the most beautiful thing on the whole planet because sales can completely be controlled by numbers.

Sales is like Math, it’s about doing the right thing every single day and then seeing if you can slightly improve the conversion and that can make a massive difference and it’s all down to what’s coming out of your mouth, what’s written on your website, what’s being handed to people and how well you’re staying in touch with people. It’s a dance- keep the rhythm going!

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