Marketing Automation Focused on SALES

Create The RIGHT Clients as you go to market.

Being set up in a way that generates conversations from your top clients sets up your business. Your marketing and sales automation should be set up to bring a new prospect to a sale from the point that that company or person opts in.

We make sure your web pages, emails, presentations and videos are there to create buyers.

In today’s busy world, with all the distractions around us, it’s more important than ever to make sure that when your new lead engages with you, he/she understands how to move into a sale with he/she is interested.

Our Buyer Quality Lead Generation System filters the best sales conversations and turns the most interested prospects into buyers… doing the heavy lifting for you!

Sales on Demand direct to your phone, checkout page, event or webinar.

Read our Case Studies.

Two Men & a Truck were generating as many as 2,500 in bound phone calls a month with a very poor conversation to sale.


  • Great service and customer support team.
  • Great brand reputation.
  • Strong local presence.


  • No Sales Processes or Systems
  • Extremely Low Conversions to Sales
  • Very low take up of sales on the first call


  • 18% Increase in Sales without any additional marketing or advertising.
  • Was able to keep the same budget and create more sales, greater conversions 10 to 15 times quicker.
  • Massive Increase in FIRST CALL SALES.
  • Set Highest Revenue Records
PROBLEM: We were already advertising, but we were spending 10 to 20 hours creating each sale on the phone.


They were doing everything over the telephone and one lead at a time using Google Adwords. It required a full time sales person to talk to each person and Vivacity HIT A GROWTH PLATEAU.

Angela was a sales machine, but didn’t have the time to talk to everyone; hence the sales person. But he could only close 30%-50% as good as her.

We implemented a Follow-Up Nurturing Campaign + our Super Converting Sales System and put Angela in front of Every New Prospect without having to invest any additional time!

Then ONLY ONE HOUR A MONTH, Angela sold to the hottest prospects over a webinar and begin converting 95% of the attendees to a high value sale.

THE RESULT: Vivacity hit it’s ANNUAL REVENUE GOAL only 6 MONTHS into the YEAR.  Vivacity’s Sales Team only needed to have TWO Sales CALLS to Close the Deal and the Average Sale went from $1500 to $6000.

THE TURN AROUND TIME: In just 12 Weeks, Vivacity hit their ANNUAL SALES targets – that’s 50x Faster. And now has an Automated Prospect to Sale Conversion Machine working to Automate their Sales!

Why Our Clients Love Us

“We've had a 300% Year on Year growth, are Speaking Internationally as part of our weekly masterminds and working together.”
Matthew Clark,
The Virtual Edge
“The positive impact on my business has been significant. I needed to put on an extra PA to assist with the level of enquiry and keep up with the appointments and work coming in. Carrie’s platform provides me with long-term business skills that I can use again and again. Without Carrie’s assistance my business would not be reaching and surpassing the goals I had set.”
Dyan Burgess
“She is one of the best in her craft.. I have also since gone onto to speaking at various conferences...which has open up opportunities for me nationally and internationally.”
Phillip Fernandez
Leadership Expert
“Love love love working with you”
Karen Chaston
Speaker, Author, CFO

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