Appointments, Attendees, Sales "Done" for You

BUILT IN Call Centre to Generate Sales Appointments on Demand

I used to spend anywhere from 8 to 10 hours a week following up on sales. As a closer, that precious time could be spent on 8 to 10 more closing calls weekly.
For those 2-3 step sales, our team will act like your, Executive Sales Assistant and help you get to the point that the order is ready to go!

Increase Registrations and Attendance to Live Events or Webinars

Email marketing, texting and Facebook Ads have all reached a saturation point in our digital market. Automation is really important, but “BEING HUMAN“ is more valuable today than ever before.
We have a Two-Step Approach:
1) Increase Registrations with Telephone Calling, and
2) Increase Your Attendance to Your Live Event or Webinar through Telephone “Stick Campaigns“

Create a Flurry of High Quality Sales Appointments

With Facebook, Google, and Email Marketing today and the day to day follow up, marketing, emailing, and delivering, let’s face it, it’s hard to manage it all. We will bring appointments to you.


Technology, Advertising, Sales Funnels, Webinars, Events, Writing Books, Presentation and becoming a Facebook Advertising Expert are not at the top of your list! We have high quality leads and diversified strategies that do all the hard stuff for you so that you can just sit back and wait for your Ideal Client Sales Appointment to come to you..

Not sure if this will work for you? Here’s a Few Examples of What we have done for others…

Case Study 1: Knowledge Source

Problem: Large Number of Registrations; Only 21% Attendance
Three Part Solution:

   Campaign 1: Increase Show Rate by 10%+ Per Event

   Campaign 2: Get 45%+ of Non Attendees to Webinar

   Campaign 3: Activate Dormant Database to Come to Events or Webinars

Case Study 2: The Fortune Institute

Goal: Focus on SPECIFIC Calibre of Client ATTENDEE.
What we did:

    Offered Special Gift to Specific Part of Database.

    Followed Up to Invite to Event.

    30% of Buyers in Room Came from Our Campaign

Case Study 3: Andrew Church

Problem: Very Specific, Extremely Competitive, & Very competitive Manufacturing Market
What we did:

   Offered Special Gift to Specific Part of Database.

   Followed Up to Invite to Event very aggressively.

   Highly Targeted Room with 100% of the Room Interested in Taking the next step.

This is for You IF...

You Want More Sales Appointments.

    You Want to Maximise Your Attendance at Events.

    You Have Low Show Rates to Your Events and webinars.

    You Are Worried about Relying Too Much on Advertising and Want to Diversify Your Marketing.

    You Hate Technology and just want someone to deliver Sales Appointments to your door step.

This is NOT for You IF...

     You are Just Starting out.

     You cannot close sales.

     You aren’t willing to follow up with prospects after the first appointment.

     You aren’t willing to email a lead after the first meeting.

     You aren’t willing to invest in getting quality appointments.

Why Choose Us?

NEW Event and Webinar Registrations per week: 200 to 1000
Qualified & Educated Sales Appointments per week: 10 to 80
Just a few of the other companies we work with..

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