Creating Clients Faster! A Nice Reminder

Creating Clients Faster! A Nice Reminder

Nice Reminder: I think that one of the gifts I take with me from my American heritage is that when you follow up with a customer or prospective client. And staying in touch is something they expect from you.

Lately, in conversations outside of my client network, I’m hearing a lot of Australian businesses talk. It is about a “slowness”. I am wondering if it’s happening to everyone or businesses that are in their industry.

Then I have my network of clients who are so busy. I’m getting voice mails, texts, and calls to stop my team! Because they are too busy and can’t handle the sales volume.

2008 Recession

When the 2008 Recession hit the US, I remember walking into restaurants virtually empty at 7pm at night. Following up to get people to come in the door was what kept businesses afloat in the tough economic times.

It was the closest thing I think I’ll ever feel to the Great Depression.

Like many other businesses, in 2008 onwards, I had to hit the marketing (and the phone) to generate business and get people engaged. Consumers and business owners had “frozen” and weren’t actively pursuing buying anything unless it was an absolute necessity or created a positive financial outcome to their bottom line.

So when I hear businesses or sales people talk of things getting more difficult or business being slow, I always ask a..

Few questions:

  • When did you last contact your customers?
  • How often are you following up with your prospects?
  • When new prospects come in, how are you getting to make the first step quickly?
  • and, Why should they act today?

Is it the tall poppy “so-called” syndrome that Australians have? Or do most people think that we are bothering people if we call or email more than once a week?

It’s said that it takes 9-21 touch points before someone buys from you. And a buyer is 8 times more likely to buy from you again.

So why would we not consistently follow up with an interested person in a shorter period of time to get them to make a buying decision? And why wouldn’t we stay in contact with our current customers?

Most businesses leave a lot of money on the table. That is because they don’t have a marketing automation system to remind your new prospect to think of you. Even more businesses lose sales ! Sales that are so close because you don’t have a multiple touch point sales system for your team to follow to ensure you get the sale.

We can help you install a sales system to ensure you get the best return on your sales staff and marketing spend.