The 3 Key Things To Focus On To Get Maximum Sales Impact

Inside Sales Episode 2: Maximum Sales Impact

Maximum Sales Impact – The reason for this episode is that people are over whelmed with so much; their social media, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube so everyone is just so busy.

People are just so occupied building this massive empire that they don’t focus on the one or two little things

If we look at the next 120 days, we need to see what is the biggest impact and the one or two things that will set you up for the upcoming days. If you know that every day you do two things that can make a huge impact that get you a quarter way to achieving in the next year. This will make a really big impact. I whereas challenge you to slow down.

Right now I want my message to touch a lot people. The impact on your business however will be determined by the signs you show that you are interested in working with me.

The signs come from slowing down. Back in March I was working with a client who was struggling and was working with product launch and was into everything. She was working on her whole list instead of just the people who were raising their hands saying pick me.

How 1 Client 5X Her Business in 4 Months

Let’s talk about the people that are the pick me category. She 5X her business in four months because she stopped paying attention to everybody and just payed attention to the people who were really interested.

If you are in a business and what to focus on one thing. There are three things to do to get you sales flowing:

  • If you are sending email right now, go ahead a look at the people who are clicking on your emails.
  • Look at call actions on your email.
  • Have a link at the bottom that sort of gives a next step. If someone takes action, it might only be 5, 10 or 20 people, but those are the right people.
  • If you had 3 to 5 conversation with these few people that could be one sale a week.
  • The second thing that really makes a difference is that if someone came to an event or came to see you, to spend time with you but you haven’t had a sales conversation with them yet. You can educate people who are in front of you.

There are 3 key things people need to see before they make a buying decision

  • One they need to be educated by you.
  • Second they need to hear from others that you are as good as you are.
  • They need to understand what it is you are going to do for them.

We have a running sheet that I use with all the clients that I work with. We have hot, warm and then cold. If you draw it on a paper like a funnel, hot leads are the clickers in the bottom of the funnel. The warm people are the ones that are clicking and the cold ones are the one that are on top of the data base. If you are going to focus on the masses and not the quality leads then you are going to be frustrated. Because you’re not going to get paid but you are going to get a lot of awareness.

Now in corporate and big organizations, branding is big and don’t get me wrong. I love branding! Branding is really good. I do these podcasts out there for branding, to keep in touch with people. That is just touch, CPM (cost per impression) as they call it in advertising. But what we are looking for is clicks.

So if people are clicking and filling out forms or taking some sort of action they are considered to be a warm lead.

Your hot leads are the ones where the opportunity really is to make money

The other hottest lead are the buyers who have already bought from you. One of the fastest and easiest ways to make money is to go back to the people that have bought from you in the past which is 8 times more likely to happen.

Just the other day I found $18,000 in a business that is only doing $75,000 a year, it is not the best example but it’s a small business where $18,000 that’s literally 30% of increase he can make in the next thirty days.

So again if you just slow down and look at what is going to make the biggest impact for me to have the greatest change. Often it comes from slowing down.

If we look at it from a sales perspective, the hottest people to talk to right now are the people who have spent money with you and are you clients. The client that I just told you about. It started in March, just paid attention to the clickers, not the people who watched her and not the buyers and got a 5X monthly revenue increase.

If you’re looking to increase your sales or grow your business. This is something you want to spend every week looking at. Because these are the highest best quality conversations you can be part of today. Do visit the website.  Check out some of our case studies, check out some of the things we have done, get a copy of my book.