Hormone Clinic Case Study

medicine and healthcare concept – team or group of female doctors and nurses

The Problem

When I first started with a Hormone & Thyroid Clinic, they really needed to bring in more revenue and sales.

In the past, the solution was to increase marketing, but this time, they were already spending on marketing. In fact, within the last 3 months, they added another $9000 a month to their advertising spend, and, were still not getting any more sales coming in.

When I came into the business, the accountant has just declared that it was on the borderline of going bankrupt and it was going to take hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to turn the business around.

There were 2 Key Challenges:

1 – The present lead flow was amazing – BUT – the Call Centre was moving way too fast and weren’t taking payment at the time of booking. The show rate for all new patients was less than 50%.

The owner didn’t realise that the conversion rates were so low, because she had removed herself so much from this part of this business.

2 – The original marketing was working still very well, and producing more than enough bookings, it was just the front end team wasn’t converting.

The Solution

To Problem 1

A new script and only putting the best people on the phone with a prospect literally added $100,000 a month to her business.

To Problem 2

Now, three months in and we hadn’t touched the $9000 a month in new advertising cost (on top of what was being spent).

We started running every booking through a report based on where the actual orgin of the enquiry came from only to find this $9000 of new advertising yielded NO NEW Bookings.

The $9000 a month was broken down into a $7000 a month “Consulting” Fee and $2000 in Facebook Ads.

We decided to re-allocate the $9000 to $3000 in a Facebook Ads Partner doing our Ad Management and $5000 on Facebook Ads.

And I re-wrote all the front end copy, clearly articulated our target market, and made sure we had a purchase action straight away (to that awesome phone person)!

That $5000 on Facebook created 100 New Bookings.

How to Scale

Now came the new problem, it’s July 2018, we’re healthy. But, how do we fill our clinics to 100% capacity and grow. Now we had a scalable advertising platform and our clinic had the capacity.

We eased Facebook up to $20,000 in ad spend per month and that led to an extra $150,000- 200,000 a month.

Our practitioners were full of new patients.

Now what you may think as you read this – is sounds like Facebook Ads is the answer, but if you read up a moment ago, you’d see that we were spending $9000 a month on the same thing.

If there are 4 key things that we did here was look at the marketing and the sales collectively.

First, making sure before we spend or change any advertising, we were converting what was coming in

Second, understand where the best leads were coming from, and give them to the best sales person in their strongest selling environment.

Third, be super clear on the outcomes and symptoms of our patients to make them take action to come and book in and/or get to the ideal sales environment right now.

Fourth, have amazing copy that matched our amazing scripts. This fourth piece – is the reason that most businesses Facebook Ad campaigns fail. Or why people spend $9000, $10000 or $5000 a month on advertising that DOESN’T WORK! This is it!

Where to From Here

I’m now into my third year of working with this particular clinic and August 2019, will be our first of
many continuous $1million+ months – with 6 more staff members that when I first started and a
heap more cash in the bank.
We’re now 100% focused on the key drivers to keep us at $1mi+ per month – and that’s it. Then all
the marketing is built around it.
We’re running 6 different marketing channels, including Facebook, and everything is written and
sent to the write people and inspires action now.
If you’d like to see where you may be missing out or have an audit done by us on your business,
book in here to see if we can help you!