How To Generate Sales In The Next 30 To 120 Days

Inside Sales 1 – How to Generate Sales in the Next 30 to 120 days

Carrie Myton share the presentation that she did for Global 1 mastermind last week, as we get closed to Christmas people don’t realize how they need to pick up their momentum and start paying attention to the things that matter. We are about 120 days for the December period where the whole country shuts down. Today Carrie will present you a way on how you can stay ahead in the next 120 days and create more sales and more opportunities.

If let’s say you want to make a million dollars by the end of this year. Even if you have a team with you or if you are working alone and all the sales depend on you. This will give you a strategy and structure, so you know your KPI’s for the goal you want to achieve.

Inside Sales is the back end, the reporting or the functionality:

How do you measure RESULTS?



What is your 120 day goal?

  • What is your revenue goal
  • The number of sales do you need?
  • How much traffic you need
  • Presentations you need
  • Sales appointments you need

Then looking at your sales conversion.

What is your average sales price based on the last 3 months?

If you look at last 3 months and how much income is generated. Divide total revenue by total number of sales created = average sales price.

How many sales do you need to hit your goal in the next 120 days?

If you look at the total number of sales created based on the revenue, when you look at 120 days and your overall financial targets. If you were to take your revenue goal and divide it by average sales price will give you the number of sales you need to hit to reach your goal.

What are your current CONVERSIONS?

What are your KPIs & Targets?

Where are you getting most of your SALES?

Back up and think where you’re getting most of your sales.

What are your current CONVERSIONS?

Think about how many sales conversion you had and how many were closed, then I want you to divide the number of sales that you have had to the number of sales appointments you have had and that’s going to tell you your current conversion.

Some of the best sales people on the planet on high volume calls, talking to warm or cold traffic anywhere from 30 to 40 percent would be really good but now if you’re not currently selling to cold traffic and turning to warn referrals your closing rate would be much higher. If your closing rate is lower than 30 percent than you most likely should fix it and if is lower than 50 to 60 percent with referrals than you should probably fix it.

The 3 SURE FIRE Sales Converters:

  • “Client Attraction” Message & Conversation: You should want to focus on the number of leads converted and raise your price if required, it might take more effort to close the person which gives you 500 dollars which can give you over 15000 by focusing on the right client.


  • Your AUTHORITY to Systematically Close for You: If you look at the number of traffic you currently have going in on your website and how much of that traffic is opting in and giving you their Name, number and email address or submitting an online inquiry then from that how many are turning into sales conversations or a sale. You know how I told you a lot of people are taking a lot of time on the phone, it should being the highest quality people to you, so we should walk through authority deeply because it’s a big topic and if you don’t have authority in business then it’s going to be a very long slog of going back and forth.


  • SALES METRICS: How to Quickly Identify What Needs Improvement: It doesn’t matter if you’re doing fifty thousand dollars a year or hundred million dollars a year, what matters is your sales metrics. You need to quickly identify what needs improvement fast and instantly. If we are looking at the next 120 days we can’t and think if you need to fix something or not.


Your Most Important YES

  • Message & Copy: Quick Catch the first YES: if you have a thousand people coming to your website right now, you want to capture the first yes. The first yes often looks like a lead such as a name, number or an address or whatever to say yes and give you their details.
  • Presentation: First 5 Minutes: The first 5 minutes of your presentation are going to determine if there is a yes there or not.
  • Phone: Last 10 minutes: The most important time you are going to get on the phone is the last 10 minutes, now selling on the phone typically doesn’t start until they don’t say no. Ask yourself if you are asking for a sale a second and a third time after they have said no. Most people don’t and most people don’t know what to say because they build everything on the front end before they even ask for the sale and before the even mention the price. Be mindful of not giving it all up before you even ask for the first sale.
  • Video: First 3 Seconds: The first 3 seconds of the video are the most important otherwise they are going to stop listening.


Point of Failure No. 1 MESSAGE:

This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of the Sales Process: Your message tells people what’s going on. All these company such as Freedom 360, Knowledge Source, Two Men and a truck, etc. if they can get their message to people then their sales people can close more sales much better. Not just one small sale but a 10% increase to these companies’ means 10 million dollars in profit. Just by having an extra 15 to 30 people in a room means an extra 30 thousand to 100 thousand or a million dollars a year. You really want to focus on the one thing.

Are you hitting YOUR SALES GOALS?

If you look at how much revenue you want to bring in, are you hitting your sales goal? Do you have enough sales leverage or are you spending too much time closing deals or talking to people or building relationships. You should know in the second call weather or not they paid. Doesn’t matter if you’re in corporate or any other kind of sale.

  • Video
  • Presentation
  • Immediate Purchase for Products
  • Are NEW LEADS coming easily?
  • Are SALES CONVERTING easily?
  • Can SOMEONE ELSE sell this for you?
  • Can you deliver on VIDEO or REPORT or PRESENTATION and get sales?

If you can say yes to all these questions, then your message is working but if you say no then there is something wrong and we need to fix it.

An example of baby bedding company:

  • More than 10 years in Business.
  • Low Revenue, Low Take Up
  • Lots of Stock!
  • Paid Marketing was not working.
  • Direct Sale, e-Commerce Store

They only had to focus on the message:

  • Very Targeted Message focused just on
  • Went to their Exact Target Demographic
  • 445 Opt Ins from 1000 Visits
  • THOUSANDS in NEW SALES in 3 weeks

They had tried this strategy before, spend thousands of dollars and got 1100 to 1200 visits to their website but they weren’t getting leads or sales, so we were able to take that exact same paid strategy, specify the message by making it very direct, create an Opt in and get 445 leads which is more than double than what I had anticipated. From that one Opt in it created thousands new sales in just 3 weeks. The beautiful thing is that the original list was around three and a half thousand so you can imagine by adding 445 people is a 25% increase in actual database, which is a very important asset to any organization and they still make money from these leads every single week. This is a 100 to 200 dollar per person sale.

Point of Failure No. 2 – Sales Conversation

  • CONSISTENT Annual Growth
  • LEVERAGE online and/or with people

If you don’t have all the above, you probably have a sale conversation problem.

GOOD NEWS – This is just a System

Your sales conversation is either being opened or closed wrong. People lose sales because of what comes out of their mouth in the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes so we just need to fix that. If you fell this is something that you are doing then it’s your sales conversation. The complete sales conversation, process or system from the point that they give you their email address or their phone number, down to the point they get on the phone with you, go to your presentation, this is just a system.

So you just have a simple point of failure in your system which could be your message or could be in your video or your presentation, so just look where you are following through.

Check YOUR RESULTS from last 3 months:

  • Number of NEW leads
  • And number of NEW SALES
  • Don’t forget number of SALES from PRESENTATIONS
  • Also number of SALES from NEW LEADS
  • And number of SALES from SALES APPOINTMENTS?

After following these steps you will realize what you are doing wrong in this process, if you know these numbers, if you are tracking these numbers. What are these big companies doing that is making them over a 100 million? They are tracking these metrics.

If you have ever heard of Ogilvy who are one the best advertisers on the planet – “advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.”

Jordan Belfort, think outside, freedom 360, live Out Loud, Knowledge Source, Create Australia, Two Men and a Truck were all:

  • Leaving MILLIONS on the Table
  • Losing 10-20% of Attendees
  • Better ROI on Leads (and advertising)
  • Igniting SALES in LESS than 30 Days

IS this Happening for YOU?

  • 3-6 month closing cycles
  • Price Discounting
  • Reliant on referrals
  • Revenue Plateau
  • Low closing ratios = Less Than 20%

IS your AUTHORITY a problem?

  • People aren’t taking you seriously.
  • They can’t find anything worth reading about you.
  • Nothing on Google, No Testimonials, No Social Proof.
  • No Proof between the First Visit and the Close.

STRONG AUTHORITY allows you to…

  • Increase Your Prices
  • Spend Less Time Selling
  • Get Paid Faster
  • Have More Leverage
  • Get Sales People to Help you

How to get your NEW LEADS to BUY FAST?

  • Video
  • Book
  • Presentation

How to get your NEW LEAD to BUY FAST?

  • On a Sales Call
  • In a Sales Environment
  • Or Special Offer

How to get your NEW LEAD to BUY FAST?

  • Share Testimonials publicly
  • Have a brochure that explains WHY you

How to get your NEW LEAD to BUY FAST?

STEP 4: Follow Up
  • Set a Closing Call Date
  • Follow Up until you get a Yes

Working with a company recently:

  • 2 Full Time Sales People
  • Built a Prospect List of 22,000 over 8+ years
  • Spends $400 a Day on Facebook Advertising

Through the INSIDE SALES System:

  • With the Same Exact Database
  • No Additional Marketing
  • Added 2 to 4 NEW SALES a Week
  • Worth an Extra $400k to $1MI a Year
  • Extra Cost $0

So if you’re currently doing advertising and you’re not doing these things properly, you’re leaving money on the table, but isn’t it good to know that this is just a system. You can easily know your points of failure and fix it.

BIGGEST Point of Failure – Not Knowing Your Numbers

Let’s Check


  • Client Attraction Message
  • Sales Conversation
  • Authority
  • Sales Process
  • Closing Ratio


If you want to achieve your goal in the next 120 days this is what you need to be looking at all day.

Last 3 Months

  • What was your REVENUE?
  • What are your NUMBER OF SALES?
  • How much TRAFFIC/VISITS have you had?
  • And How many LEADS did you get?
  • Also how many PRESENTATIONS have you done?
  • Last but not least, how many SALES APPOINTMENTS have you done?

What are your numbers and then do back to your SALES METRICS:

  • Client Attraction Message
  • Sales Conversation Conversions
  • Sales Process Creating Quality Conversions
  • Presentation Sales
  • Follow Up & Closing

You’re 120 Day Goal

Come back to …

  • What is your REVENUE Goal?
  • The NUMBER OF SALES do you need?
  • Do you know how much TRAFFIC?
  • And how many SALES APPOINTMENTS?


Let’s Pay Attention

  • Need Leads? Is it your Message?
  • Have Leads, Low Sales Conversions?
    • Is it your Conversation?
    • Need a Creative Campaign to Relgnite Sales?
    • Is it your Sales Team?
  • Earn More in Same or Less Time?

Sales Review

  • Deep Dive into Your..
    • Message
    • Sales Conversations
    • Sales Process
    • Presentation
  • Improve Your Conversions

Pay attention to your number and review them every week to see where you stand and what you are doing wrong because it will tell you how to manifest your goals and tell you if you are going in the right direction or the wrong direction in the next 120 days to achieve your goals.